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  • Fibonacci Sequence
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    The Fibonacci sequence was named after the mathematician who discovered it. What is the Fibonacci sequence, you ask? It's a number sequence that goes 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on.

    About the Fibonacci Sequence
    How did the mathematician make up this sequence? Did he just make it up? No way! There is something unique about the Fibonacci sequence. Try adding 0+1, as of above. 0+1=1, which is the next number in the sequence! Let's try the next one. 1+1=2... What's this? The next number in the sequence! Very cool.

    What's So Cool About It
    Now this next sentence will make you shudder. Nature uses it. Really. Pretty freaky, huh? The bumps on a pineapple, the scales on a pine cone, the spirals on a sunflower and the little bumps on the head of a daisy are all arranged in the Fibonacci sequence! If you were to count the little yellow bumps on the head of a daisy that create spirals to the left, there are 21 of them. Count the ones to the right, there are 34. 21 and 34 are next to each other in the Fibonacci sequence! (As of above) Same thing with a pineapple, 8 going one way and 13 going the other. 8 and 13 are next to each other in the Fibonacci sequence! Are you freaked out yet?

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