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    DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any of the material included in the links below.

    Math-related links

    Education World© : Math Center • An excellent site containing many topics about math.
    Dave's Math Tables • An authentic site that teaches many, many concepts about math.
    S.O.S. Math • Browse through many math pages with easy explanations.
    QuikMath Automatic Math Solutions • Instantly retrieve common algebra and calculus problems! Ideal for high school and college students.
    The Math Forum • A good, user-friendly site with an organized layout.
    The Math Archives • Lessons, software, resources and web pages for K-12 students.
    The Mathematical Equation • A good collection of math-related links
    Math for Kids • Designed by fourth graders for fourth graders who want to sharpen their math problem-solving skills.
    Mathematics Reference • A mathematics reference collection of "K through 14" math skills.
    Math Goodies • A free educational website featuring interactive math lessons, homework help, worksheets, puzzles and more!

    Other helpful, day-to-day websites

    AltaVista • A search engine with many, many, MANY sites to search.
    HotBot • Another search engine, but less complex than AltaVista.
    CNet's • My favourite download place.
    Yahoo! • If you don't know Yahoo!, where have you been?
    Lycos Network • Somewhat like Yahoo!.
    CNET • Miscellaneous services.
    Hotmail • Chosen as the best e-mail service.
    Tripod • An excellent web-hosting site. I'm using it now.
    PC Gameworld • OK, OK, so what if it's not educational?
    The Maquinna Elementary Home Page • My school's website.
    Alan's Workshop Handouts and More • My technology instructor's website. • An ideal archive of fonts!
    Famous Fonts • Find some cool fonts here!

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